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Object X on page Y has an invalid page number

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This DTP processing message usually means that you have left an object far off any of either of the pages of a GridTemplate, such as is the case in the screenshot on the right.


This means that QuarkXPress will issue an invalid page number to that object. The consequences are that:


Any tokens in that object will not be replaced at run-time.

Other textboxes' page number may also be affected as a consequence of this object's invalid page number, causing tokens in correctly placed textboxes to also not be replaced.


Note that this message is not due to a box being placed slightly off the page to ensure proper bleed at cutting time.


The present message is due to an object being totally off as in the example above.


Also note that the object placed off the page, will often lead to the present message being generated for boxes that are placed normally (ie. once QuarkXPress gets confused by an invalid page number, it tends to remain confused for the remainder of the page).


Topic 176450, last updated on 13-Mar-2024