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Pasted objects of page in wrong position !

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This QuarkXPress processing message is generated if, after copying all objects from one of the pages of one of the templates used during diary generation, QuarkXPress notices that the copied objects are not exactly in the same position in the output file as they were in the template file from which they were copied.


Note that a first attempt is made to shift the copied objects back in place (and this usually solves the problem behind the scenes).


But if this attempt to fix the offset of the copied objects into the correct position, then this message is issued.


To avoid triggering this message due to minute rounding errors, this message is triggered only for differences that exceed 20 fixed units, or approximately one ten thousandth of a millimeter.


Almost always, the cause for this message, as well as the related similar message, to appear, is that some objects are placed at a very small angle, much less than one degree as in the example below.


If this message represents a real problem, and is not solved by getting rid of these phantom angles, please send the script to technical support.


See also: fixed objects of page in wrong position.


Topic 180975, last updated on 11-Oct-2021