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Periodicity: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly GridTemplates

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The following topics cover the structure of GridTemplates.


Daily GridTemplates

o2 Days on 2 Pages

o7/14 Days on X Pages

Weekly GridTemplates

Monthly GridTemplates


oBacktrack every Month

oBacktrack every Page

Yearly GridTemplates


There are 2 moments when you have to think about the structure of a GridTemplate.


When designing the GridTemplate in QuarkXPress. This is when you must make careful choices about the page layout (which will be irreversible due to the way QuarkXPress works) and the placement and contents of the textboxes containing tokens (which can be reversed, albeit with a waste of time).

After scanning a GridTemplate, when you tell Q++Studio exactly how to interpret details of the grid (starting dates, flow of dates, …). For example is a diary with 7 days spread over 6 pages a "7 days on 6 pages" or a "week on 6 pages" ? The same GridTemplate can be used both ways, but the choice you make will be interpreted differently.


We will cover the first point by discussing the concept of splittable grids, before looking at daily, weekly, monthly and yearly GridTemplates in detail. The second point will then be covered in Using GridTemplates.


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