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Execution Preferences

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The Execution Preferences page of the preferences dialog lets you specify defaults to use when executing scripts (ie. generating diaries).


Run-Time Messages


This option is no longer used.


Execution Options Defaults


Use this to set defaults for the generation options used by any new script that you create.


Offer to save OPF of new scripts in


Some people prefer to have Q++Studio generate output files in one common directory, some prefer each output file to be in the same directory as the GridTemplate used for the main DiaryGridLine of the Script. Use this option to state your preference. You can refuse the proposed directory on a case-by-case basis, at any time.


Weekly Minical Bands


If this option is checked, any object grouped to a weekly minical band will be always group-deleted when the band is deleted, even if the token uses the lowercase form of [mcw.XXX]. This option is available for backwards compatibility, but you should use either w or W in the weekly bands minicals tokens to achieve this effect on a case-by-case basis.


See also: other preferences.


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