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Purging One-Time-Dates

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To Purge One-Time-Dates that are in the past and are no longer needed (or that you wish to replace by re-importing them from an Excel file), use the Purge One-Time-Dates menu item from the one-time-dates toolbar menu.


Purging deletes one-time-dates from the currently-selected holidays set. You cannot purge one-time dates from more than one holidays set at the time.


The options available in the Purge One-Time-Dates dialog, shown on the right, are:


All dates of set: purges (deletes) all the one-time-dates, past and future, of the current holidays set.

In the range of dates from to: purges the one-time-dates, of the current holidays set, which fall in a specified range of dates (inclusively).


When to Purge ?


Unless you have a lot of one-time-dates, accumulated over many years, there is rarely a need to purge one-time-dates, just to keep the database smaller.


The main reason why you might want to purge one-time-dates would be because you want to re-import them from an Excel file, after having exported them, and tweaked them in Excel.


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