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Using a QuarkXPress version still in beta phase

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This message occurs if the QuarkXPress version to be used by Q++Studio is set to a version of QuarkXPress which is still in beta testing phase, or whose support by Q++Studio is still in its beta phase.


This usually means that, although Q++Studio supports this new version of QuarkXPress, too many unresolved issues have been identified in that new version of QuarkXPress, usually a .0 version, to be used in production, and it is best to wait a few months until the .1 version is released by Quark.


Currently (May 2024), the XE3 version of Q++Studio supports all the versions of QuarkXPress from QuarkXPress 5 to QuarkXPress 2024, inclusively.


QuarkXPress-Windows Restrictions and Incompatibilities


However, not all versions of QuarkXPress are supported by all versions of Windows, and vice-versa.


QuarkXPress 5-8 can only run on Windows 7 (not on Windows 10 or 11).

QuarkXPress 2019-2024 can only run on the 64-bit version of Windows 10 or 11 (not on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 8).


Official Quark support for QuarkXPress


In addition, the Quark company only supports the most recent versions of QuarkXPress (usually the current one and the previous one).


But, although QuarkXPress versions 5-2022 are no longer supported by Quark, its publisher, we will try to maintain the compatibility of Q++Studio XE3 with all QuarkXPress versions from 5-2022, for as long as possible.


Topic 182260, last updated on 16-Nov-2023


Using a version of QuarkXPress whose support is still in beta may cause problems when you try to scan GridTemplates or generate diaries.




Ignore this warning or change QuarkXPress version.


Topic 174050, last updated on 17-Nov-2023