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Repeating a selection containing an odd number of pages

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The value of the selected page count property of the current Quark Pages script line is an odd number (not divisible by 2), and the value of the times repeated property is greater than 1.


Since most pages of a diary have some form of symmetry (ie. left page is aligned differently than the right page), repeating an odd number of pages selection means that you will probably have symmetry problems in the generated diary, as the first page of the selection will once be on the left and the next time on the right, as shown in the example below.



Looking at the example above, where a 3-page selection is repeated 2 times, we see that the first time, page 1/20 is on page 193 which is a right-side page. But the second time, page 1/20 is on page 196 which is a left-side page. Clearly, if page 1/20 has some symmetry elements, then either page 193 or 196 of the above example will look wrong. The same is true of any of the other pages of the selection.




Change the selected pages property so that it contains an even number of pages.

Change the times repeated property so that the selection is only repeated once.


Topic 173320, last updated on 22-Mar-2021