The connection to the specified SMTP server failed

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The connection to the specified SMTP server failed

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This message can occur when you press the SEND button in the Technical Support Module, if Q++Studio fails to connect to an SMTP server (an email server that will translate the "to" address into an internet IP address and then forward your email to its destination).


The root cause for this message can be any of the following :


The email parameters for your workstation have not been setup, or they have not been setup properly, or your IT department has made changes to the IP address of the SMTP server without telling you (most users at most companies do not need to know the address of their SMTP server and hence are never informed when it changes).


The IP address of your workstation is not allowed to connect to the outside. This is a setting made by your IT department when parametrizing your corporate firewall.


You do not have an SMTP compliant email server. This is extremely rare, as SMTP is the internet's standard for email, but some versions of Lotus Notes have been known to lack SMTP recognition.


To determine which of the above is the cause of this message, contact your IT department.

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