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• Honduras (Mar 21) Honduras Public Sector Holidays March 30 to April 1   • Paraguay (Mar 20) Paraguay Public Sector Holiday April 1   • Malaysia (Mar 19) Malaysian November 22 State Public Holiday Canceled   • Malaysia (Mar 18) Malaysian State Public Holiday March 22   • Australia (Mar 17) Australian 2016 Public Holidays Amended in Queensland   • Namibia (Mar 17) Namibian March 20 Public Holiday Ruled-Out   • Kyrgyzstan (Mar 16) Kyrgyzstan March 23 Public Holiday Ruled-Out   • Malaysia (Mar 15) Malaysia Confirms March 23 State Public Holiday   • Liberia (Mar 14) Liberian Public Holiday March 15-16   • Singapore (Mar 14) Singapore Public Holidays August 7-10   • Australia (Mar 13) Australian Queensland Labour Day Public Holiday Change Re-Confirmed   • Mexico (Mar 13) Mexico Mulls Public Holidays Revision   • El Salvador (Mar 12) El Salvador Public Holiday March 26   • Swaziland (Mar 12) Swaziland Public Holiday April 20   • Jersey (Mar 11) Jersey May 8 Public Holiday Also Ruled-Out   • Slovenia (Mar 10) Slovenia Adds October 25 National Holiday   • Vietnam (Mar 9) Vietnam 2015 Public Holidays Amendments Confirmed   • Palau (Mar 8) Palau Public Holiday March 15   • Netherlands (Mar 7) Netherlands May 5 Public Holiday Recommended   • Ukraine (Mar 6) Ukraine Amends Annual Public Holidays Law   • Turks and Caicos Islands (Mar 5) Turks and Caicos Public Holiday March 9   • Angola (Mar 4) Angola Public Holiday March 9   • Nepal (Mar 3) Nepalese 2015-2016 Public Holidays Gazetted   • Suriname (Mar 2) Suriname Public Holiday March 6   • Azerbaijan (Mar 1) Azerbaijan Public Holidays March 7-9   • Lesotho (Mar 1) Lesotho 2015 Public Holidays Announced   • Maldives (Feb 28) Maldives March 2 Public Holiday Ruled-Out   • East Timor (Feb 27) Timor Leste 2015 Public Holidays Announced     Previous dates: here

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Welcome to the Q++ Studio Website.

This is the home of Q++ Studio, the diary and calendar publishing software system, used by the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, and the home of the Q++ Worldwide Public Holidays database, the professional, industry standard, source of international public holidays, updated daily and used by professionals worldwide for accurate public holidays listings, long-term forecasts and date calculations.

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