While scanning filename.qxd, the following problems were identified

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While scanning filename.qxd, the following problems were identified

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This message occurs if QuarkXPress generates errors while Q++Studio is scanning a GridTemplate. This is extremely rare. The most common form of this message refers to xtopendoc failed ... or setuppath failed ...


The most common causes for this type of message are :


Scanning a file which contains grouped objects whose group covers more than 1 page (this is discussed in the topic Box number X on page Y is part of a group box that crosses a page boundary). While this is not in itself a scanning error, experience shows that such grids will cause QuarkXPress to crash at diary generation time.


Scanning a file of a higher version with an earlier version (for example, trying to scan a QuarkXPress 5 file using QuarkXPress 4).


Scanning a file in a folder which no longer exists.


Scanning a file which is currently in use by another user.


Scanning a file which makes use of an xtension which was disabled on installation. For example, using blended colors requires the Cool Blends xtension to be enabled and displaying a JPEG image in a picture box requires the JPEG Import xtension to be enabled.


The file you are scanning uses sections. As discussed in the GridTemplate construction guidelines, this is a potential source of errors and is often overlooked when trying to identify problems encountered when generating a diary.


To view these errors in their context, see Debugging Scans. If none of the above apply to your case, contact technical support including a copy of the file that cannot be scanned in your email message.

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