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About us

The qppstudio.net website is published and maintained by Alter Ego Services, a French software and data consulting company, founded in 1999 by Olivier Beltrami (shown on the right, younger and much thinner than today).

Diary and Calendar Typesetting Automation

Our flagship software is Q++Studio, the diary and calendar software used by the foremost diary and calendar publishers of the world, since 1999, to automate the typesetting of diaries and calendars, reliably and efficiently.

Worldwide Public Holidays

The qppstudio worldwide public holidays database, is our predictive database of worldwide public holidays rules, able to forecast all the public holidays of all the countries of the world, for any year in the future, complemented by our daily monitoring of thousands of sources to detect last-minute changes to worldwide public holidays.

Over the years, the accuracy of our long-term worldwide public holidays forecasts, and our reactivity to last-minute changes in worldwide public holidays, has made qppstudio the source of reference for the world's foremost diary and calendar publishers, the travel and tourism industry, international news services, finance and banking, telecommunications, shipping and logistics, the IT Industry, and governmental agencies.

How to Contact Us

Please visit our contact page if you have any question about our products or services.