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Licenses and Pricing

The qppstudio worldwide public holidays database is uniquely suited to organizations that need access to a reliable and always up-to-date source of worldwide public holidays.

Email us to receive free sample data and full details on how to get full access to the qppstudio worldwide public holidays database, and its forecasts of all the public holidays of all the countries of the world for any year in the future.*


You can license our forecasts of international public holidays, country-by-country, or for the entire world, for one or more calendar years of data at the time.

Licensing Options

Perpetual Licenses

Our worldwide public holidays licenses are perpetual. There are never any renewal fees for the countries and years of data you have licensed.

Guaranteed Pricing

We guarantee to all our clients that our pricing to them will never increase, as compared to their initial pricing, as long as they extend their license for a contiguous range of calendar years.

Long-Term Commitment

The development of the database of rules used by Q++Studio to predict worldwide public holidays, began in 1989, and have been supplying the world's leading diary and calendar publishers with worldwide public holidays, since 1999. You can rely on us as a source of regularly updated public holidays, for years to come.

Contact Us

to enquire about licensing data from the qppstudio worldwide public holidays database, the professional source of reference for the travel and tourism industry, international news services, finance and banking, telecommunications, shipping and logistics, the IT Industry, and governmental agencies, for the years 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, and beyond.
* to illustrate the qppstudio.net ability to forecast all the public holidays of all the countries of the world for any year in the future, see our pages of 2027 public holidays in Australia, Austria, Bhutan, Canada, Germany, India, Nepal, New Zealand, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA, as well as our listing of 2033 global holidays and observances.