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Q++Studio Versions and Latest Updates

There are 2 versions of Q++Studio which are being developped and maintained in parallel. Although their feature sets and target users differ, support for new versions of Windows and QuarkXPress occurs at the same time for both versions.

Q++Studio XE3 Version

The XE3 version of Q++Studio is the fourth generation of the standard XE desktop version of Q++Studio, licensed on a per-site basis.

The XE versions of Q++Studio add new features, while keeping existing features in the same place in the user interface, and under the same name, while maintaining backward compatibility with legacy hardware and versions of Windows and QuarkXPress.

The XE3 version of Q++Studio supports QuarkXPress 5-2020 and, depending on the version of QuarkXPress used, can run on Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows 10.

Q++Studio XV4 64‑bit Enterprise Version

The XV4 64-bit version of Q++Studio is a premium, separately-developped, network version of Q++Studio designed for multi-user, client/server, and enterprise environments.

The XV4 version of Q++Studio is capable of scaling-up to multi-user, multi-site, and multi-brand environments, using high-end server and workstation hardware and operating systems. It is licensed on a per diary brand, per national market, basis.

The XV4 64-bit version of Q++Studio currently supports QuarkXPress 8-2020 and will support InDesign versions 2020-2021, at the end of the year.

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