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Q++Studio Versions

There are two versions of Q++Studio, the diary and calendar automation software of choice, since 1999, for diary and calendar publishers who wish to speed-up, automate, and improve the reliability of, their pre-press and typesetting production.

Both versions support all the QuarkXPress versions of the past 10 years, while the XV4 version is available with support for QuarkXPress and/or InDesign.

These versions of Q++Studio are constantly updated with bug fixes, minor improvements, as well as major new features.

XE Desktop Version for QuarkXPress

The XE3 version of Q++Studio, launched in 2018, is the latest desktop version of our diary and calendar automation software, initially released in 1999, and now in its fourth major product update.

While its features set is constantly evolving, the XE3 version of Q++Studio remains focused on user interface stability, and backward compatibility with legacy hardware and versions of Windows and QuarkXPress.

XV Enterprise Version for QuarkXPress and InDesign

The XV4 version of Q++Studio, launched in 2017, is the current 64-bit premium enterprise version of our diary and calendar automation software for the 64-bit versions of QuarkXPress and InDesign.

The XV4 version of Q++Studio has proven itself capable of scaling-up to multi-user, multi-site, and multi-brand environments, using high-end server and workstation hardware and operating systems.

XV4 licenses are tied to their database and are maintained on a per site, per diary brand, per national market, basis.


The prices on this page are subject to change without prior notice. But, once you license any version of Q++Studio, the amount of your yearly license for that version is guranteed never to increase.

Contact us

If you are a diary or calendar publisher and need to automate the typesetting of your diaries and calendars, please visit the presentation of the Q++Studio diary and calendar typesetting system, or contact us.