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What's New in the XV4 Version of Q++Studio?

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Below are the release notes that document the new features, improvements and bug fixes that were included in the various releases of the XV4 version of Q++Studio in 2022 (previous years' release notes can be found here).


May 16, 2022  (XV4 build 23354)


Q++Studio supports the latest update to InDesign 2021 (version 16.4.2).


Expanded the scope of the log files collated by the technical support module.

In the slogans manager, it is now possible to change the graphics options of all the slogans of the current slogans set at once.


Fixed an access violation which occurred when displaying a modal message with no type icon (Diarpell, 10-may-2022).

Added a diary generation option to fix the inner and outer margins of the left pages of InDesign diaries using facing pages (Alpha Edition, 4-may-2022).


April 30, 2022  (XV4 build 23336)


Q++Studio supports the latest update to InDesign 2022 (version 17.2.1).


All the modal dialogs and messages buttons now have one of their caption letters underlined, and the use of the key ALT along with that underlined letter, provides a keyboard shortcut to click on the button.

It is now possible to use the PDF crop to settings for AI (Adobe Illustrator) files, as well as for PDF files, when using InDesign.

Added a detailed example showing how to base an insert on the weekday of a given week number.

Added a new diary generation option which turns off most of InDesign's undo functionality, thus speeding-up token processing, as well as page copying for some of the larger diaries where the output file is flushed.

Added the possibility of specifying the start/end date of a weekly grid using a week number rule.

In the pCode Viewer, you can now search for, or filter on, text present in the scanned templates. This can be useful to display only instructions related to a specific layer ID or group ID.


When converting a script from/to QuarkXPress and InDesign, the suffixes _INDD or _QXP would be appended to the names of the Grid Templates and SaraSets used by the script, even if those had already been converted as part of the conversion of another script, leading to the names of these Grid Templates and SaraSets to appear with multiple repeated suffixes (Lecas, 27-apr-2022).

The selected PDF page of pdf pages script lines would be ignored when using QuarkXPress (JMata, 11-apr-2022).

The automatic updating of the path of QuarkXPress, InDesign, or PDF files, would miss files that contain diacriticals in their name (11-apr-2022).

Fixed the erroneous generation of message 182105 instead of message 182100 when generating an InDesign diary (8-apr-2022).

The list of PDF box settings was missing some of the InDesign-specific settings (JMata, 1-apr-2022).


March 31, 2022  (XV4 build 23268)


Q++Studio supports the latest update to InDesign 2022 (version 17.2).

Added a new revert to previously saved script option to the scripts menu to cancel all changes made to the current script since it was opened, and revert to the last version of the script that was saved (menu option is similar to the one found in the File menu of QuarkXPress and InDesign).

You can now specify the fonts to use for any parts of a formatted slogan or a formatted holiday name or a formatted one-time-date that is set as bold and/or italics. This is useful, even necessary, when electronic bold and electronic italics are either discouraged (QuarkXPress 2018-2022) or simply not available (InDesign).


The message 186460, asking you if you wish to save changes made to the current script, now mentions when the script was last saved, so that you may decide if you wish to proceed or not.

The list of p-Code instructions of the p-Code Viewer debug tool now allows you to search for, or filter by, text contained in the original textboxes of the templates used. This can be useful, for example, to display only p-Code instructions related to a specific layer ID or group ID.

If a macro token is located inside an InDesign table, then you can now specify that the selected format should be applied to all the cells of the table, or only to cells of the same row, or only to cells of the same column, or both.

Implemented the apply to entire textbox option of current month minicalendars using InDesign tables to display minicalendars.

Added a detailed worked-out example of the use of macro colors.

Added automatic file changes flushing when generating very complex InDesign documents.


Some colors used in the textbox frame and background resulting actions would not be saved properly and the frame size checkbox button responded to a change in the frame style checkbox instead (JMata, 30-mar-2022).

When using one of the rules of the holidays rule wizard, the ancestor ID of the source holiday in the holidays manager, if any, would be lost (30-mar-2022).

Fixed some user interface refreshing issues when using drag/drop to copy or move scriptlines as replacements for the target script line (26-mar-2022).

Automatically opening the PDF version of an output file, using Adobe Acrobat as PDF viewer, would fail if the output filename contained any spaces (14-mar-2022).


February 28, 2022  (XV4 build 23217)


Added a new no duplicates except sorting and filtering option for holidays symbols.

You can now use InDesign tables to display minicalendars.

Q++Studio supports the new version of QuarkXPress, QuarkXPress 2022, which was released on February 1st, 2022.


The newly-announced MABIS-MUIS-JAKIM criteria for determining the hilal at the beginning of the Hijri month have been implemented in the database of worldwide public holidays. This affects the Muslim public holidays of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. For the moment, we have applied these changes to 2023 and 2024 dates, while we wait for 2023 official data to be released and confirm the announced changes in lunar visibility criteria.

The image selection dialog used in the recurring holidays editor, the one-time-dates editor, the slogans editor and the Moon lore rules editor, now remembers the last folder used.

Added a user-friendly message to handle the Windows clipboard being busy whenever you try to paste text in the text fields of recurring holidays, one-time-dates, or slogans.

Improved the setting of text to "plain" in the text fields of recurring holidays, one-time-dates, or slogans.

Added a help topic on the settings to use to improve speed of diary generation when using InDesign.


Fixed a few bugs with the implementation of the new support for InDesign tables to display minicalendars (Alpha Edition, 23-feb-2022).

Fixed a user interface glitch whereby the displayed description of a variable date recurring holiday would be incomplete if the number of days offset was larger than 7 (Government of New Zealand, 21-feb-2022).

Fixed a bug in the handling of non-breaking attributes in saras when using InDesign (KalenderWerk, 11-feb-2022).

Using cut/paste or change to plain the text of recurring holidays, one-time-dates, or slogans would sometimes bring in spurious formatting that would only go away after saving the holiday, selecting another holiday, and then returning to the initial holiday (KalenderWerk, 09-feb-2022).


January 31, 2022  (XV4 build 23176)


Q++Studio supports the latest update to InDesign 2022 (version 17.1).


Added a set of weekday options to the begin and end rules of daily grids. These can be used to always start or end your diary on the same weekday relative to a given reference date.

Slogan exportation is now also possible in the MS-Excel format.


Fixed a ZIP file bug for InDesign scripts that exceed 65535 p-code instructions (Diarpell, 31-jan-2022).

Fixed a UI glitch whereby the displayed number of p-code instructions could be understated when using deletion optimization (Alpha, 27-jan-2022).

Fixed the spurious occurrence of message 172310 when using -_ as filler delimiters and a start of week token that moves the position of the week number based on other events (13-jan-2022).

Fixed a minor UI glitch whereby the displayed number of QuarkXPress or InDesign token processing instructions would not take into account any reduction in the number of token processing instructions due to the optimization of the processing of zap layer or group delete instructions introduced in November 2021 (12-jan-2022).


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