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MiniCalendar Current Day Options

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The Current Day MiniCalendar options let you specify font attributes of the current day of the current 2-page spread in a MiniCalendar. For obvious reasons, Current Day options are only available for daily templates.


Default behavior


By default, the formatting selected for the current day of a MiniCalendar will be applied to only one date, the date corresponding to the DayValue of the MiniCalendar token.


For example, in a MiniCalendar whose token is [1mc+00] the date to which the selected formatting will apply, by default, is the date to which day 1 of the GridTemplate corresponds. None of the other date contained in the same 2-page spread will be highlighted.


As can be seen in the example on the right, with the default options, the bold+magenta formatting is only applied to Friday's date, and not to the Saturday and Sunday dates that are also present on that 2-page spread (the yellow highlight is added for the sake of clarity, but is not due to the MiniCalendar settings used here).


The results obtained using the default options are rarely the desired ones and, therefore, additional current day visibility options are almost always used in Current Day MiniCalendar options.


Additional current day visibility options


The additional current day visibility MiniCalendar options are:


All dates of spreadUse this option to apply the Current Day font formatting to all dates of the current spread (ie. the 2 pages facing the reader at any time).
In the case of a daily grid, this could be a period of 2 days, in the case of a 2 days on 2 pages diary, or 3 days in the case of 7 days on 6 pages.
When the example above is re-run with the All dates of spread option turned on, then we get the result on the right, which is usually the one desired.
Even outside daysThis option determines if the specified font attributes should also applied to any outside days which may be part of the current spread selection of dates.
Re-running the example above, with this option turned on, we get the result on the right, where the 1st of April is formatted identically to March 30 and 31.
Recall that this setting only determines if the specified font attributes will be applied to any visible outside days, but it is the Outside days set of options which determine if a given outside day will be visible or not.

Special cases


In some cases you may want to display a box, oval, circle, frame, ..., to highlight the current day(s), as shown in the examples on the right.


To get that result, you would:


1.turn on the All dates of spread option the font attributes dialog, set the font color to white

3.and then, still in the font attributes dialog, use either the Box create or Box keep option of the minicalendar text framing and shading options.

See also: minicalendar text framing and shading options.