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MiniCalendar Tokens

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MiniCalendar tokens, and the corresponding minicalendar scriptline property, are used to display MiniCalendars.


Minicalendar token and codes


With reference to the example above, MiniCalendar are made up of the following tokens and codes.



This is the is the minicalendar marker token.


This token does not display anything; It is used to determine the month and year of the current minicalendar, interpret the various minicalendar codes (such as @, $a or w#), as well as the reference date of any ordinary tokens placed inside the minicalendar.


The base minicalendar token can be augmented by a large number of minicalendar token modifiers which can modify almost all aspects of the minicalendar.

$a and $b

These are are weekday headers, which are replaced by weekdays.


These are are the week numbers.


These represent all the possible minicalendar dates.


Ordinary tokens inside a minicalendar


Other ordinary tokens can be placed in a minicalendar, and they behave as they do outside a minicalendar, except that the date of the DayValue 1 of any ordinary token inside a minicalendar is the 1st day of the month of the minicalendar (unless one uses an embedded tokens based on weekstart minicalendar modifier).


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