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Minicalendar Starting Date Offset Modifiers

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Add a Starting Date Offset minicalendar modifier to a minicalendar token to have the conversion of the @ dates markers start on a date other than the default (which is the first day of the week that contains the 1st of the month).


This modifier is often used for one-line minicalendars, in particular if they span 2 pages, or in the less common case of Leporello-style grids that start on the Monday of the 1st of the month.


The starting date offset modifier is appended to the MiniCalendar token either as a relative or absolute offset.


relative offset

A relative offset of the form :+XX or :-XX, specifies that the first occurrence of a date in the MiniCalendar (ie. the first @) will be offset by XX days relative to the first day of the week which contains the first of the month.


The standard minicalendar token [4mc+00] is a special case of a relative offset of value 0. That is to say, the standard minicalendar token [4mc+00] could be written as[4mc+00:+00].

absolute offset

Absolute offsets are of the form :XX (no + or - sign), and specify that the first occurrence of a date in the MiniCalendar (ie. the first @) will be day XX of the month.



Variable offsets


If the absolute offsets of your grid are different, depending on the number of days in the current month, then you should use left and right halves of month minicalendar tokens modifiers.


In both the relative and absolute cases, all the usual minicalendar options are available, such as show outside days and weekdays.


See also: other minicalendar modifiers and date offset suffixes.


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