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Property of the script line: DiaryGridLines.


The MiniCal (current) property editor is used to set options for the display of MiniCalendar tokens.


The same property editor is also used for the MiniCals (others) property.


The number of controls on this dialog is due to the sheer number of options available, these options are relatively independent of one another and quite easy to set.


The options of this property editor are grouped into several zones (click on various zones of the image on the right to navigate to the corresponding help topic):


StructureOptions allowing you to specify the details of the structure of the MiniCalendar.
PreviewA live preview of the effect of the options you select.
Current MonthTextbox attributes (frame, background, font), if the MiniCalendar is in the current month (option only available for daily, weekly and monthly templates).
Current WeekAttributes of the parts of the textbox which correspond to dates in the current week (option only available for daily and weekly templates).
Current DayFont attributes of the date corresponding to the current day (option only available for daily templates).
Paragraph FormatCan be used to change the paragraph attributes of paragraphs that contain dates corresponding to the current day(s), current week(s), or current month.
HolidaysFont attributes of any date which corresponds to a holiday in one of the 2 possible holidays lists.
Outside DaysFont attributes of any date which falls outside of the current month of the MiniCalendar token.
Moon PhasesFont attributes of any date which corresponds to a moon phase.
Alternate FormatsFont attributes used by minicalendar modifier that use Alternate Font Formatting, such as the show only on current day and the show only on holidays modifiers.
Format SequenceThe Minicalendar Date Formatting Sequence Editor allows you to specify a sequence of date formatting which follows an order different than the default order.
DefaultsThe possibility of saving the current options as default, or of using the defaults.


For an overview of the relationship between MiniCalendar tokens and the properties MiniCal (current) and MiniCal (others), see the next topic.


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