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Formatting Sequence of Dates in Minicalendars

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An important aspect of MiniCalendar options is that the groups of options of the MiniCal property editors are not mutually exclusive.


A date which corresponds to the current day, will also correspond to the current week, as well as the current month. To make matters possibly more confusing, that same date could also correspond to an occurrence of a holiday list used in the MiniCalendar option, as well as correspond to a moon phase.


How do all these options come together ?


Note that attributes are applied (or removed) cumulatively in the following order (which can be changed as seen further down): current month, current week, current day, holidays, outside days, and finally moon phases (looking at the property editor, the order goes from top to bottom and then from left to right). That means that if you set the current week to be bold and the current day to be italic, then the date in the MiniCalendar that correspond to the current date will be bold and italic.


If you wish for the text attributes of a specific set of options to override all others, in the text attributes editor dialog, select the Ignore All Other Options Behavior. Alternatively, if you wish for the text attributes of a specific set of options to override all previous ones, but to keep on having subsequent ones cumulatively added, in the text attributes editor dialog, select the Reset All Options Behavior.


Changing the Formatting Sequence


If you wish to have the sequence of date formatting follow an order different than the above, default, order, then you can use the Minicalendar Date Formatting Sequence Editor, located near the bottom of the Minicalendar Options dialog:



Clicking on the ... (ellipsis) button opens a dialog in which you can change the order in which the special formatting applied to the @ date markers of a minicalendar depending on various circumstances.


Clicking on the x button, either in the dialog on the left, or in the ButtonEdit control above, will reset the current sequence to the default sequence described at the top of the present topic.


The sequence is not the same as "priority". In fact it is the opposite, as the last element of the sequence could potentially override the combined settings of all the previous ones.


Note that the use of some minicalendar modifiers, which refer to Alternate Formats 1 and 2, will quash all other preceding and subsequent formatting. This is the case, for example, when using the Show only on Current Day, Ignore Current Day Options, Show only on Holidays, Ignore Holidays Options minicalendar modifiers.


To understand how all the MiniCalendar options are combined, you can use the preview, but it is important to remember that the minical preview only shows the attributes that it will add to the existing text in the minicalendar token. When previewing a minicalendar, Q++Studio does not know what the fonts of the text in that text box is.


See also: Current or Other Minicalendars.


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