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The MiniCalendar preview, located at the top right of the MiniCalendar Options dialog, lets you see the effect of most of the selected options, without the need to generate a diary.


The various elements of the MiniCalendar preview are:


Date for DayValue = 1: Use this to specify the date corresponding to the first DayValue of a GridTemplate containing the MiniCalendar token you wish to preview.

Left Token: Use this setting to specify the DayValue of the MiniCalendar token, and whether it is relative (of the form +XX or -XX) or absolute (of the form XXX).

Spread (template pages): If you are using the option all dates of spread, and if the GridTemplate to which this MiniCalendar property belongs is part of a 4 or 6 page layout, you also need to specify on which of these pages the previewed MiniCalendar is.

Current/Other Minicals: If you are editing the options for the current MiniCalendars, the preview will also display a preview for the other MiniCalendars, and vice-versa. This is useful to ensure that options are coherent, or that they differ exactly the way you want.


You can get the same preview, with the appropriate token and date, for each page of the diary from the Script Preview. Note that whenever an element of a minicalendar is to be specially formatted, a red triangle appears at the top left of its cell. This allows you to validate that formatting is occurring where you expect it to be, even if the formatting is too complex to be previewed.


Clicking on one of these cells will cause the formatting to appear in the status bar (as long as you keep the mouse button down).


See also: Current or Other Minicalendars and Formatting Sequence of Dates in Minicalendars.


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