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Network, Anti-Virus and Firewall Settings

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The anti-virus and firewall settings, required for the proper functioning of the XV4 version of Q++Studio, are as follows.




Your anti-virus should be set to exclude/ignore all the following folders and sub-folders.


Depending on your specific configuration, some of the server paths below might not exist





Depending on your specific configuration, some of the workstation paths below might not exist







C:\Program Files\Quark\

C:\Program Files (x86)\Quark\


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2020\

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2021\

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2022\

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2023\

C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign 2024\



Windows User Account


You do not need to use an admin user account to use Q++Studio. However, your Windows user account must have full read/write access to all the folders of the table above.




Your firewall should be setup as to:


Allow in/out TCP/IP traffic from any local* IP address on ports 16004 and 16005.

Allow local* HTTP traffic and file downloads on port 16005.

Allow FTP traffic on port 21 to the website (IP address

Allow SMTP traffic on port 587 to the website (IP address

Allow HTTPS file downloads from the website (IP address


Network connectivity


If you are using a setup with a server and multiple local workstations, then the D:\ or E:\ drive of the server must be shared completely in read/write mode so that all workstations can map their Q:\ drive to it.


* If you are planning to have remote users connecting to the server via the internet, then the server should have a fixed externally accessible IP address, and the firewall should allow external TCP/IP connections to that address, from trusted IP addresses, on ports 16004 and 16005 as well as HTTP downloads on port 16005, from trusted IP addresses.




Although not absolutely necessary, it is highly recommended that TeamViewer be installed on the server and on each workstation, to facilitate remote support, if ever needed.


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