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Installing a new version of QuarkXPress to use with Q++Studio

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During the initial installation of the Q++Studio Workstation your PC is parametrized to allow Q++Studio to use any of the versions of QuarkXPress currently installed on your PC and supported by Q++Studio.


Below are the steps to follow if you install a new major version of QuarkXPress after Q++Studio has been installed on your PC, or if you have just installed Q++Studio on a PC for the first time.


1. Install QuarkXPress normally, making sure that you accept the default installation path that the QuarkXPress installer proposes (otherwise the installation will proceed without problems, but future updates may fail telling you that the QuarkXPress installer cannot find any installed copy of QuarkXPress on your system).

2. At the bottom-left the main window, click on the QuarkXPress section of the status bar and select locate installed QuarkXPress.

3. In the dialog that comes up, click on the Search button.

4. After a minute or two, the dialog will show the versions of QuarkXPress found on your PC.

5. We suggest that you leave all the checkboxes checked and click on the OK button.

6. The last step is to specify which of the installed versions of QuarkXPress you want to use, by once again clicking on the QuarkXPress section of the status bar and selecting the version you wish to use.


Note that if you have just installed an update to QuarkXPress (eg. from 2019.1.1 to 2019.2.1), then you simply need to respond to the internal and external versions of QuarkXPress are not synchronized message by using the update internal QuarkXPress function.


See also: installing a new version of InDesign.


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