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Updating your Q++Studio License

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Annual updates


Q++Studio is licensed on a yearly basis and you will need to update your license files once a year.


Whenever your renewal has been processed, an updater to your license files will be available online.


To update your Q++License Files:

1.Launch the XV4 Q++Studio main program updater.

2.During the initialization of the updater, the most recent license files will be automatically downloaded and installed.

3.Then, as soon as the Cancel button is enabled, you can click on it to abort the update, or you can choose to proceed with the update (in either case, your license files will have been updated).


License updates during the year


You will also need to get updated license files, whenever you make major changes to the hardware configuration of your workstation (ie. reformat disk c:\, change network card, etc...). In that case you should follow steps 7 and 8 of the workstation installation instructions again, before following the above instructions.


License repairs


If you get a message that your Q++Studio license is damaged (as opposed to needing to be updated), then please follow the instructions here.


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