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MiniCalendar Token Modifiers

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MiniCalendar Token Modifiers are suffixes of the form :modifier which are appended to a minicalendar marker token to indicate that there is something globally special about this minicalendar.


[4mc+00:16]           [4mc+00:zn4]


For example, date offset modifiers specify that the minicalendar should not start on the date of the beginning of the week containing the first of the month (the usual case), but rather with an offset, and number of weeks modifiers can be used to selectively delete any minicalendar when the displayed month does not have the proper number of partial weeks.


The table below contains links to the various minicalendar modifiers (place your cursor over any of the links to see a popup description of the modifier's use).


2-Digit Dates

Embedded Tokens Weekstart

Ignore Current Day Options

Starting Date Offset

Embedded Tokens DayValue

Show only on Holidays

Left and Right Halves of Month

Weekdays Length and Capitalization Override

Ignore Holidays Options

Current Week Offset

Right-To-Left Override

Ignore Frame Options

Fixed Ranges of 3, 6 and 12 months

Vertical Override

Ignore Background Options

Year Offset

Horizontal Override

Days 1 and 2 on the top line

Offset from Script Year

Alignment Override

Tab Character Insertion

Number of Days

4-Week Override

Allow Embedded Tokens Hiding

Number of Weeks

5-Week Override

Use Date of Markers for Embedded tokens

Extended Duration

6-Week Override

Chinese Minicalendars

Converting @ $$ w# with Macros

Outside Days Override

Arabic/Hijra Minicalendars

Single Line/Column Override

Show only on Current Day


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