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Weekdays Length and Capitalization Override Minicalendar Modifier

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The Weekdays Length and Capitalization Override minicalendar modifiers allow you to override the length and capitalization of weekdays options, for any individual minicalendar.


The syntax of the modifier to be added to the end of the minicalendar marker is :


:wdX       (where X is a number from 0 to 9)


Use X to specify the length of weekdays for the present minicalendar, remembering that a value of 0 means that the length is not changed with respect to the [ddd] or [dddd] token used to obtain the weekday text. Use different capitalization of wd to indicate the capitalization style desired



Do not change capitalization with respect to the token translation in the tokens database.


First letter of weekday name in uppercase.


All letters of weekday name in uppercase.


Note that if the token translation for the current weekday contains an uppercase letter, then the use of wd will not make that text lowercase, it will leave it as is.


Topic 176210, last updated on 23-Jun-2020