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Alignment Override Minicalendar Modifiers

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The Alignment Override minicalendar modifiers specify, for a given minicalendar, what the flow of dates alignment should be, independently of how it is set in the flow of dates minicalendar options.


There are 4 distinct alignment override modifiers:


:alT  :alB  :alL  :alR


which correspond to setting the flow of dates alignment to top, bottom, left and right, respectively.


Adding one of these modifiers is the equivalent of setting one of the following flow of dates minicalendar options for the minicalendar to which this modifier belongs.


If you use an alignment override setting that is impossible (such as bottom aligning a vertical minicalendar), then a warning message may not be issued during diary generation, and it is up to you to identify and correct the issue.


See also: vertical override, horizontal override and other minicalendar modifiers.


Topic 178260, last updated on 23-Jun-2020