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Minicalendar Offset from Script Year

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Use the Offset from Script Year minicalendar modifier to base the reference year of a minicalendar on the year of the script (in fact meaning that the minicalendars will each be displaying the same date for all pages and dates of the diary).


The offset from script year modifier is of the form


:year+YY   or   :year-YY


where YY represents the numerical offset running from 1 to 99.


The current script year can be specified with the modifier :year+0 but it can also be specified more simply as :year where the +0 is omitted.


In the example below, we have 13 minicalendars at the bottom of every page, showing the months from July of the year before the script year to July of the year of the script, and we want these minicalendars to always show these months, regardless of the dates of the current page/spread.



The offset from script year modifier is useful when a grid runs over more than one year, but we always want the exact same months to appear on each page (ie. a change of date of the current page does not change the year or months displayed by the minicalendars).


See also: other minicalendar modifiers.


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