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6-Week Override Minicalendar Modifier

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The 6-Week Override minicalendar modifier specifies, for a given minicalendar, that it contains 6 rows of @ dates markers (ie. 42 @ markers).


The 6-week override modifier is




Adding this modifier is the equivalent of setting the following minicalendar options for the minicalendar to which this modifier belongs.


There are extremely rare cases of grids which combine both 5-week and 6-week minicalendars.


But the main use of the 6-week override modifier is to correctly display 6 week vertical minicalendar dates, when you may be using a 4-week minicalendar, a 5-week minicalendar and a 6-week minicalendar together with different tab positions to have the first and last weeks of all minicalendars justified or aligned, as in the example below.



See also: 4-week override and 5-week override.


Topic 176195, last updated on 21-Dec-2023