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Embedded Tokens DayValue Minicalendar Modifiers

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The Embedded Tokens DayValue minicalendar modifiers specifies that the DayValue of all ordinary tokens inside the minicalendar textbox.


The Embedded Tokens DayValue modifier is of the form




where dd represents the DayValue to use for all the ordinary tokens of the textbox.


The Embedded Tokens DayValue Minicalendar Modifier is rarely used for minicalendars, but it is particularly useful for checkerboard monthly diaries in which you may have a box with many tokens for each day of the month, such as in the example on the right.


Rather than having to change all the DayValues of all the tokens in each box, one-by-one, you need only specify the DayValue to use for all tokens in the same textbox.


To use Embedded Tokens Modifiers, replace the DayValue of each of tokens in each textbox containing a day by the # sign, and add the :#XX modifier to the end of the minicalendar token, where XX represents the DayValue that should be substituted for the # character in any token in the same textbox.


Using the above example, the area representing DayValue 17 would now be set out as shown below.


All references to DayValue 17 have now been replaced by a single reference in the minicalendar token, thus making the grids much faster to setup the first time and much easier to modify later by search and replace if required. This is somewhat similar to GenTokens, but for checkerboard grids rather than vertical grids.


A few additional remarks:


The embedded DayValue modifiers apply to all tokens that follow the minicalendar token in the same box.

Only one DayValue can be used for each minicalendar token/textbox, however, if it is difficult to setup all the text for a day in one single textbox, then you can have more than one textbox per day, all linked together.

Most of the time, as is the case above, you will also need to add the :ws weekstart modifier as well the present embedded DayValue modifier, since most checkerboard grids start on the week start of the month, and not on the first of the month.


Outside days


If you wish to hide outside days, then you should also use the :HidTok allow embedded tokens hiding minicalendar modifier, so that tokens inside the current minicalendar be treated as they would if they were a token outside the minicalendar. Otherwise, by default, tokens inside a minicalendar are evaluated ignoring any settings specified for the hiding of outside days.


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