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The Monthly Outside Days GridOption (which is only enabled if the current GridTemplate is a monthly, or a weekly grid inside an insert) is used to specify how to handle days which do not belong to the current month (see diagram below).


This is an important option, as many checkerboard monthly layouts (very popular in the USA) consist of 5 or 6 weeks, where the first of the month may fall on any day of the top week.


Usually we do not wish for the days before the first of the month to appear, nor the days after the end of the month, or we may wish to display them using different typographical attributes.


To achieve these effects, you are given the choice of hiding or showing these outside days.




When using either of the 2 delete options below, you can use never delete tokens to specify, selectively, that some textboxes should never be deleted, regardless of the tokens within that textbox, or of the setting used here in the Monthly Outside Days settings.


Hiding Outside Days


There are 3 different methods of hiding/ignoring the result of tokens that correspond to dates that are outside the month:



The token is simply replaced by nothing. Other tokens and text in the same textbox are not affected. This is a useful option when tokens of many different DayValues are in the same textbox.


The textbox containing the token will be deleted. This means that any other token in the same textbox will also be hidden, since the containing textbox has been deleted.

Group Delete

Similar to delete, above, but in addition, any object (such as PictureBoxes, lines, …) that is grouped to that textbox will also be deleted.


Showing Outside Days


If you wish to show the outside days of a monthly grid then you can specify the text formatting to apply to dates before and dates after the month.


When you click on the ellipsis (...) button, the standard text formatting dialog comes up.

If you only wish to show outside days without modifying their attributes, then click on the x button to clear any previously entered attributes.

If you only want some of the tokens to use a specific formatting, then you can add the ignore outside days formatting token suffix to the tokens that you do not want to be affected.


The Monthly Outside Days settings do not apply to tokens inside a MiniCalendar, and monthly outside dates within a minicalendar are displayed according to another set of options.


Topic 107074, last updated on 10-Oct-2022