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Displaying 2-Digit Dates in Minicalendars

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Add a 2-Digit Dates minicalendar modifier to a minicalendar token to have the conversion of the @ dates markers use 2 characters.


Prepend with 0


Use the :dd modifier to display all the dates of a minicalendar using 2 digits, with dates from 1 to 9 prepended with a 0 (zero), as shown in the example below.



Prepend with a figure space


Use the :Xd modifier to replace all the @ minicalendar dates markers using 2 characters, using figure spaces, as needed, to make sure that each position that originally held a @ marker is replaced by 2 characters.


Using the :Xd modifier, not only are the dates from 1 to 9 prepended with a figure space, but additionally, all the empty positions (those with no date) are also replaced by 2 figure spaces.


As can be seen in the example below, the use of figure spaces to make each date position 2-digit, with the justified paragraph setting, allows for the re-sizing of the minicalendar without the need to set, or reset, tab positions.



See also: special character markers and other minicalendar modifiers.


Topic 178290, last updated on 13-Dec-2022