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Show 1 and 2 on the top line if MiniCalendar has 6 weeks

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The Days 1 and 2 on the top line minicalendar modifier is used to display the first and/or second days of the month on the same line as the month name, when the month has 6 partial weeks.


The Days 1 and 2 on the top line modifier is




This is a way of displaying months with 6 partial weeks that is different from the 5-week minicalendar options that force the 6 weeks into 5 rows.


There are 6 rows, but the first row is truncated and follows specific rules.


Therefore this type of MiniCalendars is produced with the five week minicalendars option turned off (that is to say, these cases are treated as 6 row MiniCalendars).


The specifics of this type of MiniCalendar are:


The MiniCalendar modifier :Top12 is used.

As mentioned above, but this bears repeating, the five week minicalendars option should be turned off.

There are only 2 @ markers on the first row of the minicalendar.

If your MiniCalendar displays week numbers using the w# week number token, then there should be a w# on the top row. Otherwise your week numbers will be off by one.

Optionally, if you want to display some other text on the top row, where the w# is, when months have 5 weeks or less (such as "s." in the example at the top left of this topic), then add a hyphen "-" and and the text to be displayed after that hyphen, as shown above.


The :Top12 modifier is not compatible with the following other minicalendar options: 5-weeks, Vertical, Bottom-Aligned, and One-Line.


Topic 177340, last updated on 23-Jun-2020