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MiniCalendar Week Numbers Markers

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Minicalendar Week Number Markers are minicalendar-specific codes used to display week numbers in MiniCalendars.


The first w# marker in a MiniCalendar textbox is evaluated as the week number containing the first of the month of the MiniCalendar (unless the token uses an offset). The other w# markers are each evaluated 7 days later.


Weekstart other than Monday


Whether the current MiniCalendar starts on a Monday, or not, is specified by the current template's weekstart minicalendar property setting.


If you choose to start the week on a weekday other than a Monday, as in the example on the right, then there are additional settings letting you, for example, always display the week of the following Monday, and decide what week number should be displayed if the last row of a MiniCalendar does not contain a Monday (as is the case in the example above to the right).


See also: minicalendar tokens and minicalendars property settings.


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