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Arabic/Hijra Minicalendars Modifiers

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The following minicalendar tokens modifiers are used to display Hijra and/or Islamic dates in minicalendars:



Left to Right        

Right to Left



To display Hijra/Islamic dates in a using western characters, add the :isl modifier to the end of the minicalendar token; and use any font you wish to display the @ markers.




To display Hijra dates in Arabic in a minicalendar, add the :araIs modifier to the end of the minicalendar




To display Gregorian dates (western) using Arabic numbers, all you need to do is make sure the font used for the @ dates markers is the font used to display Arabic characters.



In all the above cases, you can also use minicalendar options to have the minicalendars start on the weekday of your choice and/or run from right-to-left.


See also: combining gregorian and non-gregorian dates in the same minicalendar, arabic tokens, muslim dates tokens, right-to-left override modifier.


Topic 171950, last updated on 12-Dec-2023