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Single Line/Column Override Minicalendar Modifier

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The Single Line/Column Override minicalendar modifiers allow you to specify, for any individual minicalendar, whether that it is a single line/column minicalendar or not, even though the corresponding minicalendar option may be set to the opposite setting.





set the minicalendar containing this token as a single line/column minicalendar


set the minicalendar containing this token as the default, multiline, square minicalendar


Adding these modifiers is the equivalent of setting the following minicalendar option for the minicalendar to which this modifier belongs:


Note that this modifier cannot be used to specify the various options, particularly the special tabulations, to be used for one line/column minicalendars. These must be setup in the minicalendar options, even though you have later unchecked the single line/column checkbox.


See also: other minicalendar modifiers.


Topic 176965, last updated on 20-Dec-2022