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Extended Duration Minicalendar Modifier

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extended duration minicalendar using the token [4mc-01:du3]

extended duration minicalendar using the token [4mc-01:du3]

The Extended Duration minicalendar modifier specifies that a minicalendar has a duration of more than 1 month.


The extended duration modifier is of the form




where M represents the number of months displayed in the current minicalendar, with allowed values running from 1 to 99.


The consequences of the use of the :du extended duration modifier are:


to re-define the conditions under which a date will be considered to be an outside day

to deactivate warning messages about the number of @ date markers in any minicalendar which contains a duration modifier.


The example on the right, based on a minicalendar token [4mc-01:du3], illustrates the type of results that can be obtained using the :du extended duration modifier. In that example, although we specified that outside days should be hidden, dates in the 2 months that follow the minicalendar month are still displayed normally, but dates belonging to the 4th month and beyond are hidden.


The shading of the dates of the current month is not a result of the use of the :du modifier; this effect was obtained using current month paragraph formatting options, as shown on the right of the screenshot above.


To determine what is the maximum possible number of weeks that the extended minicalendar will require, you can use the minimum and maximum number of weeks needed to cover a given number of months table found in the appendices


See also: other minicalendar modifiers.


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