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MiniCalendar Current Month Options

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The Current Month settings of the minicalendar options property let you specify how to display the text and textbox of minicalendar(s) that correspond to the current month.


If you only wish to shade or frame part of the MiniCalendar textbox, then see the shading only part of the current minicalendar's textbox topic.


The Font options for the Current Month are the same as elsewhere, with the additional option Apply to Entire Textbox.


The Apply to Entire Textbox can be used so that the selected font attributes apply to all the text in the textbox (by default, the font attributes only apply to the dates, the numbers from 1-31).

Note that, unless you have used the date formatting sequence editor to override the order in which formatting is applied in your MiniCalendar, the Apply to Entire Textbox settings are applied to the textbox first, before any further specific formatting (such as outside days or holidays) may be applied to individual @ date markers.


This group of background and frame options appears in the macros resulting actions, the saras advanced change actions and current week minicalendar options.


See also: partially shading or framing the current minicalendar, minicalendar paragraph formatting and minicalendar formatting sequence.


Topic 143200, last updated on 04-Mar-2021