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Daily GridTemplates

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7 days on 6 pages template

7 days on 6 pages template

Although these grids are frequently, and loosely, called day/page, because of symmetry considerations, the most usual structure is 2 days on 2 pages (see example below).

2 days on 2 pages template

2 days on 2 pages template

A structure of 1 day on 1 page in Q++Studio would usually only be used for pads, which have no left and right pages. Even so, many of these pads treat Saturdays and Sundays differently leading to a 7 days on 6 pages format where Mondays to Fridays each occupy a full page, and Saturdays and Sundays share the last page.


Another common structure is 7 days on 4 pages. In this structure, there are 2 days per page for the first 3 pages, and the Sunday shares the last page with a half-page of notes or weekly recap.


For daily GridTemplates, Q++Studio expects to find DayValues in the range of 1 to N, where N is the number of days in the Grid. A token [8d] found in a in a "7 days on 6 pages" grid would therefore trigger a warning message.


See also: 2 days on 2 pages, 7/14 days on x pages, daily gridtemplates, weekly gridtemplates, monthly gridtemplates, and yearly gridtemplates.


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