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Property of the script line: DiaryGridLines.


This script line property is only used if the settings for non-current MiniCalendars differ significantly from the settings for current MiniCalendars.


The points specific to this property are:


Current Day options are never available.

Current Week options are available, however, since parts of the current week are often found in the previous or next months.


In the case of yearly Templates, the property MiniCal (Current) does not exist, and all MiniCalendars are non-Current.


It is rare for the overall structure of the non-current MiniCalendars to be different for the current MiniCalendars (by overall structure we mean aspects such as the first day of the week, the vertical/horizontal orientation, the number of weeks, if it is a single-line minicalendar, etc..., all being attributes that are usually the same for all the MiniCalendars of a diary), and therefore this property is disabled by default.


To enable this property, open the MiniCalendars options settings, and uncheck the Use the above settings for all MiniCalendars option.


Topic 077000, last updated on 01-Aug-2020