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[â]..[û] Holidays Symbols Tokens

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Holidays symbols tokens display the symbols of all the holidays on the date of the current token.


These tokens are one of the following: [â], [ê], [î], [ô], or [û], depending on which of the aeiou-holidays one wishes to get the holidays of.

You can use specific holidays set token modifiers of the form :N to restrict the token to only use the abbreviations of the holidays of the Nth set of the selected aeiou-holidays.

You can also use holiday name tokens to display the name of holidays together with their symbols.


Separation of individual symbols


When the same symbols abbreviations token generates more than one symbol, the individual symbols are separated using the holidays symbols separator of the holidays (display) property.


Note that the separators of the holidays (display) property only operate between symbols of the same a-e-i-o-u list of holidays sets. If you need to specify separators between symbols of different a-e-i-o-u lists of holidays sets, then you will need to use holidays response tokens.

However, rather than try to use a separator and then have to change its size, in many cases, it is more convenient to set the original token's kerning, as shown in the example above. In many cases, this obviates the need to use holidays response tokens, as all the holidays symbols tokens can be set to touch each other in the GridTemplate, using kerning to create separation.


Sorting and filtering of symbols


You can specify that the generated list of symbols should be filtered and/or sorted, using the holidays symbols options of the holidays (display) property.


See also: specific holidays set token modifier and duration token suffix.


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