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Box Create - Minicalendar Text Framing and Background Shading

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Creates fixed-size frames and shades and does not require any changes to the QuarkXPress or InDesign GridTemplate (unless the z-order of the created frame/shade is important).


Frames and shades are limited to a rectangular/square shape.


The Box Create minicalendar framing and shading type creates a fixed size box with a background shade and/or frame/border as specified.



The boxes' horizontal extent is from L. offset (left offset) to the left of the tab position of the current MiniCalendar date for a width of Width, and the boxes' vertical extent is from T. offset (top offset) above the baseline position of the current MiniCalendar date for a height of Height.



If both the Frame and Shade options are set, and they are of the same horizontal and vertical extent, then they will be combined into a single box. Otherwise, one box will be created for the frame and one box for the shade.


Remember that all units in this dialog are millimeters (mm).


The frame and/or shade boxes are created on the layer called Frame0 which will be created if it does not exist.


If the relative position of this layer (its z-order) is important, as would be the case if there is a solid color background box somewhere, then you should create a blank layer named Frame0 in your template, and place it in the required position, as in the example on the right.


The other minicalendar text framing and shading options are: text, box keep, box modify, box delete.


Topic 182170, last updated on 30-Jul-2021