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Text - Minicalendar Text Framing and Background Shading

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Does not require any changes to the QuarkXPress GridTemplate.


Width of frame/shade is not fixed and you are limited to square or rectangular shapes, and this option is only available when using QuarkXPress, as text shading and text framing are not available in InDesign (you will get the warning message 185150 if you use this setting in an InDesign script).


The Text minicalendar framing and shading type changes the frame and background shade of dates specified by various MiniCalendar options, such as current month, current week, current day, holidays and holidays 2, outside days, and moon phases.


Using this option the frame/shade will apply to the text's width which will vary depending on the font size and the actual number being framed/shaded (ie. the frame of the date 1 will be much narrower than the frame of the date 22, for example).


This option is the same as the default framing and background shading of text found in QuarkXPress and because it creates frames and shades of variable width, it is rarely used for MiniCalendars.


The other minicalendar text framing and shading options are: box create, box keep, box modify, box delete.


Topic 182165, last updated on 30-Jul-2021