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Minicalendars Options use attributes not compatible with InDesign

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QuarkXPress attributes not supported by InDesign

QuarkXPress attributes not supported by InDesign

One of the text formatting settings used in the MiniCalendar Options property of the current DiaryGridLine includes the use of some features which only exist in QuarkXPress, and are not available in InDesign.


A typical cause for this message would be the use faux/electronic bold or italic (which should be replaced by the selection of a bold-font when using InDesign).

Another cause for the present message is the use of the text mode for minicalendar date formatting (background text shading and text framing do exist in InDesign, but they are paragraph attributes, which must be applied to entire paragraphs, and cannot be restricted to some text only).


If the present design-time message is not addressed, then this will lead to the corresponding run-time message 185090.




You will need to change these settings using the Edit the MiniCalendar Options menu option (the detailed list of formats, and their respective support by QuarkXPress and InDesign, can be found here).


Topic 185150, last updated on 30-Jul-2021