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Differences between QuarkXPress and InDesign

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Attributes not supported by InDesign or QuarkXPress

Attributes not supported by InDesign or QuarkXPress

This topic presents an overview of the differences between the QuarkXPress and InDesign attributes and features available to use in Q++Studio.


Specific details, and case-by-case workarounds, when available, can be found in the native formatting topics for text attributes and paragraph attributes.


Only Available in QuarkXPress


Some text face attributes used in QuarkXPress are not available in InDesign, as shown, using red highlight, in the image on the right.


In the case of bold and italic, the possibility is there, but requires the selection of the corresponding font name, rather than clicking on bold/italic and letting QuarkXPress automatically substitute the appropriate font.


Opacity is an object attribute in InDesign, meaning that it can only be applied to object, such as textboxes and line objects. It is not possible to specify the opacity of text or strokes in InDesign.


Additionally, the Indents option of the paragraph attribute rule above/below length does not exist in InDesign. Converting a QuarkXPress script to InDesign will often lead to warnings such as message 185255, which can be fixed by replacing the Indents option with Columns.


Only Available in InDesign


Some text face attributes used in InDesign are not available in QuarkXPress, such as skew and overprint.


Difference in Implementation


Finally, some attributes exist in both QuarkXPress and InDesign but are implemented differently.




In QuarkXPress, leading is a paragraph attribute.But, in InDesign, by default, leading is a character attribute.


This means that in InDesign you can apply more than one leading value within the same paragraph. The largest leading value in a line of type determines the leading for that line. However, you can select a preferences option so that leading applies to the entire paragraph, instead of to text within a paragraph. This setting does not affect the leading in existing frames.


Background shading and framing


For example, shading and framing exists in both QuarkXPress and InDesign, but in QuarkXPress text shading and text framing are text attributes, while paragraph shading and paragraph borders are paragraph attributes in InDesign.


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