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Macro uses Indents for Rule Length

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rule above/below length differences

rule above/below length differences

The resulting actions of one of the macro rules of the current diary gridline includes the use of some paragraph attributes which use the Indents setting for Length, as shown on the right, a setting which does not exist in InDesign.


InDesign has only 2 option; Text and Column.


If this design-time message is not addressed, then during diary generation, InDesign will automatically replace all uses of the Indents setting by the Columns setting.


Solution 1


You will need to change these settings using the Change Macro Options menu option (the detailed list of formats, and their respective support by QuarkXPress and InDesign, can be found here).


Solution 2


Use the InDesign Preferences to specify that any Indents option should be automatically converted to Column.


Topic 185255, last updated on 03-Apr-2022