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InDesign Preferences

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The InDesign Preferences page of the preferences dialog lets you specify how Q++Studio interacts with InDesign.


At the top of the InDesign page of preferences, is the setting Use InDesign, shown on the right, which can be unchecked if you never intend to use InDesign. This will hide all the InDesign related menus and UI elements. This setting can be changed back anytime.


InDesign Version

The InDesign version used to scan and generate. The current default value was set during the workstation installation.


Most of the time there should be no reason to change the above default values.


Conversion from QuarkXPress


The Conversion from QuarkXPress group of options assist you, after converting a QuarkXPress script to InDesign, in the handling of attributes and options used in QuarkXPress but which do not exist in InDesign.


use skew=0 to remove italics

This option tells Q++Studio, when generating an InDesign script, to convert any "remove italics" text attributes instructions to setting the text skew to zero. This is a reasonable default that should not be changed as the removal of italics is used by Q++Studio internally to display symbol fonts such as Moon phases or country symbols.

Rule Above


Rule Below

Replace Indents with Column


There are 3 options for the length of a rule above or rule below in QuarkXPress; Indents, Text and Column.


But in InDesign, there are only 2 options; Text and Column. This option tells Q++Studio to automatically convert any Indents option to Column.


From the above descriptions, you can see that some options can be a permanent solution to the differences between QuarkXPress and InDesign, while others will only be a temporary workaround as you convert QuarkXPress scripts to InDesign. In most cases, turning one of these options off will lead to InDesign issuing the message 185090 during diary generation.


See also: InDesign diary generation options, use xtags for paragraph formatting, QuarkXPress preferences, other preferences and searching preferences.


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