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InDesign support in Q++Studio XV4

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The table below summarizes the use of InDesign with Q++Studio.


Supported Versions

Beginning in September 2021, the XV4 64-bit version of Q++Studio will support InDesign.


Currently (September 2020), the development of InDesign support is done using InDesign 2020, but we expect to support InDesign 2021 within a few weeks after Q++Studio officially supports InDesign.


However, not all versions of InDesign are supported by all versions of Windows, and vice-versa.


InDesign-Windows Restrictions and Incompatibilities


InDesign 2020, and above, can only run on Windows 10.

Recommended Versions

InDesign 2020 will be the recommended version of InDesign to use with Q++Studio XV4, beginning in September 2021.

Backward compatibility

Currently, the only version of InDesign supported by Q++Studio, is the latest version, InDesign 2020.


The table below gives more details about each individual version of InDesign, and its particularities and features, as regards its use with Q++Studio.


InDesign 2020


Minimum version: 2020.03

Latest version: 2020.12

InDesign 2020 is the first version of InDesign that will be supported by Q++Studio XV4, beginning in September 2021.


As is the case for our support of QuarkXPress, we will always try to maintain the compatibility of Q++Studio, with as many versions of InDesign as possible, for as long as possible.