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Property of the script line: Book Format.


This property displays in a dialog a list of all the colors that are defined within the templates and information pages used by the current script.


In this list of defined colors in the script, some colors are displayed in red if they have the same name but are visually different (as is the case for the color "Headers" in the example on the right.


The information displayed here is often used to address warning 187025.


Overriding warnings


You can turn color consistency checking, as well as change the threshold value of deltaE, for your workstation using the QuarkXPress preferences and/or the InDesign preferences.


You can also turn off the color consistency checking on a per-script basis using the checkbox at the bottom left of this dialog, as well as specify the threshold value to use for deltaE to mark 2 color definitions as inconsistent (the default is 25). Note that the option to adjust the consistency warnings on a per-script basis are only available if the QuarkXPress or InDesign consistency checking preferences are set to the intermediate grayed state.


Turning off consistency check for colors is not recommended as it can lead to unexpected results in the output file.


See also: deltaE, color difference calculations, and styles.


Topic 187030, last updated on 12-Mar-2023