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Text Background Shading (QuarkXPress 2017 and above)

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Text Background Shading is similar to the effect obtained using the rule above/rule below paragraph attributes but have the added advantage that this is a text property meaning that this background shade can be applied to dis-contiguous text ranges, and even with different attributes for different text on the same line.

The Text Background Shade Editor appears in Q++Studio when selecting the Background Shade property in macro options, text formatting attributes and saras.



The Settings options correspond to the text background shade part of the Tools Bar of the QuarkXPress user interface.



The settings of the Extent options depend on the Shade Style selected.



When the Shade Style is set to Relative, the extent of the shade behaves just like it does in the QuarkXPress user interface.



The shade extends by a fixed amount from the edge of the text, meaning that the shade "width" depends on the width of the text being shaded.


When the Shade Style is set to Fixed-width, the Left and Right Extent options labels change name.



The shade then extends by L offset to the left of the current tab position, for a specified Width, producing shade of the same position and size regardless of the text/number to which it is applied.


Remember that text background shading is a text attribute and therefore can be combined with any of the other text attributes, including text background frame and text stroking.