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Use the Tabs Justification dialog to automatically set the tab spacing required to justify the first and last days of one-line MiniCalendars, regardless of the number of days in each month (28-29-30-31 days).


Total number of tabs including the first tab: Usually, these values will be 28-29-30-31, respectively, if the MiniCalendar starts on the first of the month, and if the entire month is contained in the same textbox.

Tabs Extent and Alignment: These are similar settings to those of the MiniCalendars Special Tabulations dialog, except that, here, you specify the first and last tab, rather than the first tab and the subsequent spacing.


Note that the values calculated with the above setting are only valid for one-line MiniCalendars in which the spacing of every weekday is the same.


This would not work if there is a larger spacing between Sundays and Mondays, for example, because the number of such intervals varies from one month to another and also depending on the year.


Topic 176500, last updated on 19-Apr-2020